Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Want My Free Laptop

I Want My Free Laptop

Are you searching for free laptop offers online? If so, then you might as well have encountered the blog site “I Want My Free Laptop.” This site has grown popular as it projected various opportunities to get a free computer, but unfortunately, this turned out to be a hoax. Like many other bogus deals involving computers, the site contains inviting sales pages that have attracted the attention of many innocent users into signing up, but none of them has ever won a laptop package.

So here’s what “I Want My Free Laptop” had been doing. It was basically a blog that contained purportedly valuable information about a website that offers free laptops, and users can avail of the packages by simply signing up. One of the phrases that the site used to convince even skeptical readers is that their “advertisers pay for the laptops” being given away. Having said so, people were persuaded to sign up and register. However, after becoming members of the website, they were exposed to programs and services that are not actually free, but require payments. Subscribing to the site’s offers is mandatory, as you will not be able to earn points for the laptop if you do not pay for those deals which you do not really need.

There are a lot of similar sites such as this found across the internet, and these are those you have to carefully watch out for. They usually invite you by sharing positive reviews from persons who have already won laptops, which can actually be scripted, and they as well give full details on how to get the laptop for free. Thus, in order to save you from wasting time on these programs and end up disappointed, better take a good review of these sites first, as well as read news articles about them so that you know who exactly are you dealing with.

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  1. Live w/severe chronic pain and disabilities need a laptop for my use if u can Alienware 14 please,God bless.